Heath Shaw the law and the Law won?

Heath Shaw

Heath Shaw

Reports are coming in that a Collingwood player (who has been named as Heath Shaw by some media outlets) has been invovled in a drink driving incident, possibly had an accident and was possibly talking on his phone at the time.

TWO senior Collingwood players are believed to have been involved in a drink-driving incident on the weekend.

The players – who are yet to be identified – are believed to have been pulled over by police last night.

Pies in drink drive probe | Herald Sun.

This is disappointing if it turns out to be true especially after Collingwood have taken extrudenery lengths to try to avoid this sort of issue by offering their players taxi vouchers. The player will be in trouble for this and there will most likely be pressure on Collingwood to suspend the player (which apart from hurting the Pies will hurt many Dream Teams going into DT Finals!).

It doesn’t seem that there was anyone hurt in the inceident which is the positive out of this negitive incident. Stay tuned for more news later.


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