VIDEO: Is Solomon’s career over with this hit?

Geelong had a very good win in a spiteful match with the Dockers. The talking point looks like it will be an ankle injury to Garry Ablett Jr and a cheek injury to Cameron Ling caused by a high hit by Dean Solomon. Could this be the end of his career?

What do you think?

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  1. if he gets any less than 6 the tribunal is a joke

  2. mollyfud says:

    Yep, 30% loading is going to kill him. Wait for the “This wasn’t as bad as
    Hall’s punch” talk from fans that don’t understand the system!

  3. I strongly believe Solomons actions were justified given that Ling has red hair. What does everyone think?

  4. mollyfud says:


  5. I agree it wasn’t as bad as Hall – but no need to compound the mistake of not giving Hall 10 instead of 7 by giving Solomon less as well.

  6. Yeah Solomon was just helping Ling get a bit more popular with the girls by getting a face lift


  1. […] follow through with an elbow cathing Ling (who was frog marched off the feild) right on the jaw – video footage can be seen here – as a result Ling has had to undergo surgery on his cheek bone and is expected to miss a month of […]

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