VFL, say hi to your Cousins. Ben Cousins to return?

News today is that Ben Cousins, the AFL player that last year was suspended for bringing the game into disrepute after problems at the West Coast Eagles and admitting to having a drug addiction problem, is considering registering with either a VFL or WAFL club before the deadline this Monday.  Its is reported that his Management company will meet with him over the weekend:

Carlie Merenda, of Flying Start management group, flew to Perth last night to finalise Cousins’ immediate future.”Carlie will be in Perth over the next four or five days doing a number of things for Ben, a part of which is informing him of the processes that need to be put in place by Monday, if he wants to play footy,” Flying Start boss Ricky Nixon said last night.”That’s something Ben will have to make a decision on over the weekend, which includes which state, which club, etc etc.”

Ben Cousins takes first step to AFL return | Herald Sun

AFL boss, Andrew Demetriou has been behind Cousins getting better and returning:

“If it’s part of his rehabilitation process and it helps him get back to good health and playing footy is part of that, absolutely (it is good for him),”

So this brings forward the idea what club will he be likely to join in the AFL if he returns? Leave your thoughts in the Comments below and I will look at it in the near future.

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  1. Read this with interest, however the question is which AFL club would look at him??

    I do not follow the VFL but in regards to AFL clubs, I could see him play for:
    Melbourne – they need a markey player and Cousins work ethic could be good for Melbournes younger players
    Essendon – again could do with an established player in the midfield.
    St Kilda – he would fit nicely into their party culture but they need young players.

    some say Collingwood are interested but I doubt Malthouse would want him. I cannot see any other teams who would be interested. Anyone else?

  2. mollyfud says:

    I think in many ways Sydney is the logical team. I don’t think Melbourne
    would be a good place as they need to get rid of there older players and
    start playing kids. St Kilda are sort of the same but I see them as a side
    that will go after him as they think there still a chance, but he would only
    be replacing Harvey as you couldn’t see him going on next year.
    Collingwood seem to have enough kids that they could handle him as far as
    the age of there list. I wouldn’t like to see the Hawks get him but I would
    consider him for our VFL side, Box Hill as he would help the kids we have
    there especially the supply to our young forwards.

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