UPDATED: Not so Goodes this time! MRP Findings


Well there is such a thing as going to the well (or Match Review Panel) too often and it looks like it could be third time unlike for the man dubbed AFL’s Protected Species. Adam Goodes last night was charged with a Level 1 engaging in rough conduct charge after his second quarter bump on the Dee’s Clint Bartram at Manuka oval in Canberra on Sunday.

His past has caught up with him. This offense was assessed as 1 point for negligent conduct, 1 point for it only being low impact and 2 points as he hit Bartram in the head (aka high conduct). This earns Not so Goody Two shoes 125 points that after having added his carry over 93.75 from his bump a couple of weeks ago comes too, 218.75. If he chooses to accept the penalty, he will miss one match and carry over 64.06 points. It will also mean the end of his chances to break Jim Stynes consecutive games record. If he doesn’t take the early medicine, he would try his luck at the tribunal were the Swans have a good record of late but risk a two game holiday (3 weeks when you take the split round into consideration) which would mean he would not only miss the block buster with the Pies on the second week of the split round but would also miss a much anticipated match-up with fellow top 4 team, Hawthorn in round 15 (so as a Hawks fan, I hope he unsuccessfully challenges).

No word yet if the World Wide fund for nature is going to step in to try to defend this Endanger Species.

UPDATE: Goodes has decided that its better the devil you know and has accepted his medicine, taking the week. He will miss the big clash with the Pies but will be back to play the Hawks in Round 15 (D’oh!).  This means his games streak ends at 204.


  1. and about time!!!
    You can run but you cannot hide from karma!!

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