Bet you it was my Uncle! Hawks betting enquiry

It is being reported that a Hawks player has come to the club with news that a family member had used his betting account to bet on the footy. This was reported in the Herald-Sun. The player is reporting that a relative used his account to bet on AFL matches although it isn’t being reported whether they were Hawthorn matches or not.

The player is believed to have played on the weekend but had yet to be named. Footy Operations manager, Mark Evens had made a statement saying the club believes the player.

“Hawthorn can confirm that a player came to us about a series of bets made on a betting card in his name by a relative,” Evans said last night.

“We believe the player’s story.”

AFL footy operations manager, Adrain Anderson was aware of the issue but isn’t willing to comment at this time.

“I’m not willing to go into any detail.”

This comes a year and half after 4 players where found to have betted on footy, the worst of them being Simon Goodwin of Adelaide and then Melbourne player, Daniel Ward.

I am sure we will hear more of this in the next few days.

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