Video: Brett Burton hit on Slattery

From last nights game, there was an incident in the last minute of the first Quarter of the Game between Adelaide and Essendon. It didn’t look good and will probably get about 2-3 weeks. Here it is, vote on the poll with your thoughts and comments below:




  1. The ump didn’t even pay a free for that. If he gets weeks for that then the game is gone to the dogs. The Burgoyne suspension was a joke aswell. Yeh the bump was high, the man had his head over the ball but what was Burton supposed to do, let the Essendon player get a clean possession?

  2. mollyfud says:

    Hey Ben, Thanks for the thoughts. I think you will find the ball comes back and a free kick was paid. This is the new rule, you can’t bump a guy in the head unless there was something out of the ordinary that caused the head high contact. You asked what he was supposed to do? He was either meant to try to get the ball (and not bump) or be more careful with how he came into bump.


  3. Warrick says:

    I’m with you Molly. His head was down over the ball and Burton took a cheap shot. Have a look at the whole season and other players who have been scrubbed for it. 3 weeks ago McPhee from Essendon got 1 week for high contact when he tried to pull out of the tackle. Burton should get 3 for this but i have my suspicions with the AFL and doubt he will even have to see the tribuneral.

  4. mollyfud says:

    Hey Warrick,
    Thanks for the support. He isn’t getting off. At worst (or best depending on your perspective) he will get a week.

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