MMM Video Edition – Sunday 18th May, 2008 – Results, Ladder, Injures

On todays show:

  • Sunday Results
  • Ladder after round 8
  • More injures in the backline



  1. Thanks for the site Molly.I enjoy Coaches Box as well.Anyway.Crawf out for a week.What do you think?Who’s gonna come in the side this week do you reckon? Thanks mate

  2. mollyfud says:

    Hey Jesse,
    Thanks for the Comment! Will mention this on Tonights show but I reckon that Crawf deserved a week for being Stupid. As much as I love Benny “Lepper” McGlynn, he also deserved his time.
    I think Stokes would have walked in,except he did his hammy and so I think Little Timmy Clarke, Morton and Kennedy would be good bets. Possibly Thomas Murphy or Tuck if they are fit. Outside thought of Thorpe or Dowler but this would probably leave us top heavy. Did I miss anyone? Oh, I did! Sneaky prospect is Moss as he is in the mold of Crawf and he has looked good the Few times I have seen him play.


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