Hall and Roos press conference this Afternoon. Theme Unacceptable!


Paul Roos and Barry Hall faced the media. Roos started off saying that the incident was unacceptable to the Footy Club. ‘Barry knows it’s unacceptable’ said Roos. Barry went on to add:

“I suppose it was a bit of frustration. It shouldn’t have happened.

“I certainly didn’t mean to hit him high.”

“I gotta prove to everyone again that I can control myself,” He also added that he will have to ‘cop’ whatever punishment the AFL tribunal hand out to him.

If you want to see the incident and let us know what you think the number of weeks he will get will be here.

Also, here is Channel 9’s report on the Press Conference (with on of the dumbest extra angles ever):

Barry Hall apologises

April 13, 2008: Barry Hall has apologised to West Coast Eagle Brent Staker for last night’s ugly punch, that is likely to lead to a long suspension.



  1. Throw the book at him

  2. Throw the book at him

  3. Throw the book at him

  4. Throw the book at him

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