R.I.P Clinton Grybas (1975-2008)

Footy/Sports Commentator Clinton Grybas died Saturday after being found in his apartment. Clinton was only 32 and the cause of his death is unknown at this time but is being investigated.

Clinton rose the ranks after starting with the ABC doing Footy for radio and NBL Basketball on TV. In my opinion he was the best Basketball commentator/interviewer going around when he was pouched by 3AW to join Rex Hunt as co-commentator on their coverage. He joined Fox Footy when it started and hosted an hour long Footy Talkback show which ran until the Footy Channel was axed after the 2006 season.

His death was a shock to all. I found out at about 6pm on Saturday night when my wife yelled out to me something as I was cooking a BBQ. I came into to her telling me he had died. Here is a tribute someone has put on Youtube:

3AW dedicated a page on their site with interviews and tributes to Clinton and makes interesting listening.

As Billy Joel sang, only the good die young and that fits Clinton.

RIP Clinton, the Sports World has lost a truely great man!


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