MMM – Video Edition – Episode1 – Ben Cousins, Roos and Carlton men

Welcome to my first attempt at having a video blog section of the MMM brand. I am going to give it a go and see how it turns out. You can watch the show below or download it above.

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see covered in these Video Blogs.Topics on this show are Ben Cousins to face AFL Commission, Kangaroos to decide if they stay in Melbourne or Move to the Gold Coast, Dick Pratt in trouble and Judd trains (hey everyone else reported it)



  1. Poor Ben Cousins. He's still not completely out of the woods. This 'Mollyzine' edition is over a year ago and you mention Ben avoiding drug tests. A year later and he recently removed hair from his body to evade an AFL 'hair' drug test which apparently reveals drug use in the previous three months. Great footballer but still has some issues!

  2. It is a sad story and the fact that Ben did shaved down whether to avoid the
    test, to have ago at the AFL or for cosmetic reasons, it was a terrible look
    with this test coming up. In some ways the AFL can take the positive out of
    this now and put rules in place that will stop players doing this to avoid
    the test.

    I personally think it would be good for some club to give him a go but it is
    now seeming unlikely to happen. Perhaps some daring/smart club needs to
    approach the AFL about getting special leave to add Ben to there Rookie list
    in the same way Tom Lonergan and Adam Ramanauskas did. I mean it is
    considered a medical problem that Ben has and the AD has been saying how
    footy is important to his recovery. Just an out of left field idea.


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