Is this the Reason why Neil Mitchell is taking the stance he is?

 I had a little thought listening to Neil Mitchell talk about the Drug issue again and why he is being so bloody minded on the issue. Was it just ratings, trying to read his audience or was there something else that made Neil backup channel 7 the way he did. And then I found this amongst the Commercial Aggreements of one Neil Mitchell:



Date of the agreement: 29-01-07
Parties to the agreement: Neil Mitchell & Channel 7
Presenters obligations: Weekly appearances on the Sunrise program
Party providing the benefit: Channel 7 Consideration: More than $10,000 but not more than $100,000 per annum

3AW Presenters’ Commercial Agreements –

Well, well, well. Is anyone suprised? Not me. To quote another 3aw presenter: “Shame Shame Shame”. Come clean Neil to the this as not many of your audience would read the site and see your links.

And the absolute snow job he did on Andrew Demetriou  this morning playing a little clip of a longer segment and not giving the full story. He had it as the AFL whacking Dylan Howard because he did the story. Now the AFL have had a go at Dylan over the story but they have whacked him for Claiming that Andrew supported the story going to air and the fact that he refuses to apologies because of this lie!

Your thoughts?


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