AFL News you vote on – FIG

Hi Guys,

The season is approaching, the NAB cup is just over a week away. The intra-club matches are starting, the footy TV Rights and broadcast partners have been settled. The footy news is starting to take over the media. I guess this means that I am way over dues for a podcast.  So one will follow in the next few days.

In the mean time I have setup what I hope will be a great site for finding the AFL News and having the important AFL news bubble to the top. The site is FIG and it is designed to find and publish links with description of stories on the net and then lets you check out the story and vote on it if you think it is good/important/interesting. This way it works as a filter for getting the most important stories to the top of the pile and this allows more users to come and find important news.

You can also submit stories, Forum Posts, Youtube videos, podcasts, etc and not only that, if you have a Google Adsense account, you might be able to get clicks as I will share some of the ad displays with your adsense account. I am not promissing millions of dollars, but if you submit popular stories and there is a good amount of traffic, then there might be a little cash to be had.

More to come later on this. Will mention it on the next Podcast and hope to have some how to use videos. Also, working on a Toolbar for IE and Firefox that will make it easier to follow the AFL news and submit your stories.

Enjoy and hopefully your team does well in the NAB Cup.



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