Post Trade Week Edition – Who went where, Are Carlton the real winners and what to make of Hawthorn’s Delistings

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On this weeks Show I look at:

  • Trade week results
      • Chris Tarrant from Collingwood to Fremantle
  • Paul Medhust from Fremantle (with Pick 8 from Richmond) to Collingwood
  • Graham Polak and Pick 13 from Fremantle (in order to get pick 8)
  • Peter “Spider” Everitt from Hawthorn to Sydney for a 2nd Round draft pick
  • Jason Akermanis to Western Bulldogs for a 2nd Round pick
  • Dean Solomon from Essendon to Fremantle for Draft Picks
  • Andrew McDougall from the Eagles to the Western Bulldogs
  • Michael Gardiner from the Eagles to St Kilda
  • Shane Birss from Western Bulldogs to St Kilda.
  • Full trade details available here:
  • Are Carlton the real winners of trade week as they seem to have hung onto Thorton and Jordan Russell who where seriously talking about leaving?
  • Hawthorn announce 6 delistings. Does the quality of the players delisted show the quality of the Hawks list?



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