Am I the only one that wants to see a Dockers/Eagle Grand Final?

I mean once the Hawks are out (didn’t make the final 8) and now there are no non-Collingwood Melbourne teams! Who to follow in the finals?

Sydney Swans Sydney: I am sure a lot of Victorians will have a soft spot for the Swans/Bloods seeing they have there roots with South Melbourne. They are premiership favorites and showed last year that they have the goods to win


Fremantle Dockers Fremantle: I think those not barracking for the Swans would love to see this underdog get up and make the Grand Final with a chance to get off their duck and win their first Flag after 12 years in the competition. There the team I hope that wins but they are pushing it up hill and only the fact their game with the Swans is on at Telstra Stadium and not the SCG means that they are any chance.

Adelaide Crows Adelaide: Early it looked like how far the Crows but late season form slump and numerous injuries and of course the illness that struck down Mark Ricciuto have brought them back to the pack and in fact they will probably go into the games as underdogs against the Eagles. Even one of their favorite sons, Chris McDermott thinks they will lose.

West Coast Eagles Eagles: After an extremely impressive performance, they are the second favorites and the thought of them playing Sydney again has the media in a frenzy. They have a big job to get past the Crows but any side that has Cousins, Judd, Embly and Kerr have to be a team to watch.


Who do I think will make the grand final: Eagles and the Swans. But what about the comment in the title? I hope, like anything that the Eagles play the Dockers. A Western Derby Grand Final would be an absolutely firerery affair! Remember the 2000 (I believe it was 2000) brawl? This would be a good old fashion rivalry like the Hawks and Bombers or Carlton and Collingwood. I know that its a great thing that footy has cleaned up its act but the thought of good old fashion biffo is a thought to good to be thought about!

Good luck for your team.



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